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Jack Sock Rally Jack Sock Rally Jack Sock Rally

Get the free campaign kit.

Jack Sock. He’s the man you didn’t know you needed…in the campaign you didn’t know existed. Show your support with your very own Super Official Campaign Kit (S.O.C.K.) It comes with everything you need:

  • The Classic Bumper Sticker
    Proudly display your support for Jack wherever you go—from the redwood forest to the Gulf Stream waters. This bumper sticker is made for you and me.
  • The Circle Sticker
    The greatest sticker America has ever seen? Or the greatest sticker the WORLD has ever seen? No need to take sides—this sticker doesn’t have any.
  • The Downloadable Posters
    Two handsome posters. One handsome man. Three of the handsomest colors known to mankind.
Jack Sock Campaign

Get your Super Official Campaign Kit (S.O.C.K.) today.

Stay tuned…

Jack’s campaign is just getting started and he’ll be working hard to win your vote. But what will he do next? Ride an eagle from sea to shining sea? Lead the charge to make tennis the new national pastime? The only way to find out? Keep coming back.


Jack Sock Rally