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Jack Sock Rally Jack Sock Rally Jack Sock Rally

The color of victory isn’t gold—it’s red, white & blue.

The new Pure Aero Stars & Stripes turns every serve into a flag-waving, line-smacking winner. Every forehand into a screaming eagle cry. Every volley into a firework of patriotic power. Or at least, that’s what we had in mind when we designed it. See the whole Stars & Stripes line and get your own all-American gear now.

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Jack Sock. He’s the man you didn’t know you needed…in the campaign you didn’t know existed. Show your support with your very own Super Official Campaign Kit (S.O.C.K.) It comes with everything you need:

  • The Classic Bumper Sticker
    Proudly display your support for Jack wherever you go—from the redwood forest to the Gulf Stream waters. This bumper sticker is made for you and me.
  • The Circle Sticker
    The greatest sticker America has ever seen? Or the greatest sticker the WORLD has ever seen? No need to take sides—this sticker doesn’t have any.
  • The Downloadable Posters
    Two handsome posters. One handsome man. Three of the handsomest colors known to mankind.
Jack Sock Campaign

Get your Super Official Campaign Kit (S.O.C.K.) today.

What’s your candidate accomplished lately?

  • Discussed foreign policy with Samson
  • Practiced presidential handshakes
  • Peeled 2,346 apples
  • Built a canoe
  • Painted a model replica of Air Force 1
Jack Sock

Meet Jack.

Born in America's bread basket (in an actual bread basket), it was apparent - even in the early years - that Jack was destined for greatneess.

High school proved to be no match for Jack. After winning four consecutive state championships, it was time to move on to thougher challenges - challenges like patriotism and diplomacy. Challenges like becoming President of the United States of America.

With a take-no-prisoners serve and aggressive baseline and diplomacy, Jack will fight tirelessly to protect the land he loves.

Jack's accomplishments have already turned heads. He's been called, "a guy from the mid-west," and he was dubbed, "a pro" by his peers.

Jack lives in America's heartland with his pal Samson and 21 of his most favorite Babolat rackets.

Let's rally, America. Vote Sock in 2016.

Jack Sock Rally